National Volunteer Week 2017: Shining the Spotlight on CPRS Volunteers - Part 2

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As we continue to highlight the many volunteers that make what CPRS Vancouver does possible, we move to the Events and Communications teams who rely heavily on the talent, dedication, and passion of many volunteers in our chapter.


For the PR and Politics panel, Klaudia Budniak and Olga Sergienko were my volunteers. They did an amazing job. Both were so efficient at registration that I didn't have to do anything at all. Olga did a Facebook Live feed for part of the event. Klaudia wrote an amazing recap.

For the Tewanee event, Victoria Fawkes wrote the recap and for the Jim Hoggan event, Tiffany Lau and Adena Murray worked the registration table, and Tiffany wrote the recap.


Thank you to my team of dedicated writers and communications volunteers!

Amy Johnston, Website Content Coordinator is a key component to the CPRS Vancouver communications team. She's responsive, quick, and does amazing work keeping our website, blog, and everything in between running well and on time.

“As a volunteer for CPRS, I have always felt welcomed by the individuals I meet and work with and appreciated for the hours and work I put in,” says Amy. “I couldn't be happier with my decision to join CPRS - I feel very lucky!”

Lorna Allen, Newsletter Manager, is our superstar volunteer that puts together the Essentials Newsletter. She's dedicated and does an amazing job creating content to keep our members engaged and up-to-speed on all things PR in Vancouver.

Amanda Munro, Website Content Manager, has been a longtime volunteer who has in her time, recruited many talented PR pros to the comms team. She also has great ideas to inspire the rest of the team from social promotions to blog posts!

Klaudia Budniak, Student Twitter Manager, is quick and creative! She posts creative and engaging tweets for our student members, often with some funny GIFs.

Jenna Kuchinsky, Facebook Manager, is another one of our long-term communications volunteers who is always at the ready to post great content to CPRS Vancouver's facebook page. "Volunteering with CPRS is great because it gives you the opportunity to connect and work with PR pros from around the city,” she says.

Janelle Saccucci, LinkedIn manager, is our expert for connecting PR pros on LinkedIn and creating content designed for Vancouver professionals.

“Over the past six years, CPRS has been a fundamental component of my PR education and career. I attribute much of my success in the public relations industry to the information I’ve learned and the connections I’ve made through CRPRS,” says Janelle. “Plus, there’s no better way to amplify my involvement in the society than to volunteer.”

Special shout out to our team of blog writers: Tiffany Lau, Victoria Fawkes, Kristine McLellan who are always on the lookout for great content for the CPRS Vancouver blog.


Klaudia Budniak and Adeana Murray were our volunteers for the AGM last summer (June 2016) and they did such a fantastic job of helping to draft communications/promotional material, running the registration desk, taking photos, conducting interviews with attendees, etc. Their enthusiasm really showed in their work and their professionalism took their volunteer efforts to the next level. CPRS Vancouver is lucky to have such motivated and dedicated volunteers such as them.


Klaudia Budniak is an amazingly reliable volunteer. She is well versed in social media and whenever we need something in particular posted to the Student Twitter page she is right on top of it. It means a lot that we can always count on Klaudia to get the job done, regardless of the task. She is selfless with her time and has a positive attitude at all times. Working with Klaudia is a breeze!

Jessie is an incredible graphic design artist and understands all facets of public relations and corporate communications. She is highly organized and a great teammate. She is an excellent motivator and very professional. I'm happy to have had her help me in a graphic design capacity in the Student and Education portfolio. In particular, she designed a poster for the student scholarship on short notice that captured all the information we needed.

Jessie said, "working collaboratively with fellow CPRS volunteers is the single best way to connect with PR professionals who are dedicated and looking to build connections."

So, next time you see a CPRS Vancouver member, remember that we are all volunteers, helping steer CPRS Vancouver towards success. Volunteers matter. Without volunteers, CPRS Vancouver would not have been where we are now.

Stay tuned for one final post for National Volunteer Week!