National Volunteer Week 2017: Shining the Spotlight on CPRS Volunteers

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April 23 to 29 is National Volunteer Week and we’re celebrating the contributions of our volunteers who are essentially the backbone of the organization. From the Board of Directors, all the way to the members who make events and newsletters come alive, CPRS Vancouver is entirely grateful for their loving support and generosity.

In fact, some volunteers has been with us for many years. John Kageorge who is now the Director of Membership was a former CPRS President and chaired the national conference. Tanya Colledge and Lesley Yuen were once student members who volunteered and have now, years later been voted into the Board and attributing their professional development and growth to their involvement with the association.

What makes everyone’s volunteer experience unique and interactions with our volunteers special are the takeaways and connections formed. This week we’ll be featuring testimonials from some of our volunteers to hear more about their involvement with CPRS Vancouver.


Canada’s most successful CPRS recruitment campaign was led by a group of Membership Recruiters that reached out to PR pros and invited them to join. Appreciation tweets, phone calls, blogs and face-to-face conversations made CPRS Vancouver’s growth inspirational and enviable.

Lesley Yuen, Digital Marketing Specialist, Century Group, says: “CPRS formed the cornerstone of how I developed in my career. The organization is formed entirely by generous professionals who are always willing to teach and offer opportunities to young professionals like myself. After being involved with the organization for four years, and now serving on the board, I am entirely grateful. I look forward to guiding others and giving back at the same capacity.

Elizabeth Bruce, Website Manager, College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, says: “I volunteered because I saw it as an opportunity to connect with other communicators in a purposeful way to support my professional association.”

Jas Baweja, Communications Coordinator, E-Comm 9-1-1, says: “Volunteering with the CPRS is a phenomenal way to learn from experienced industry professionals. The opportunity to volunteer directly with experts in the Communications field has provided invaluable guidance and mentorship; as someone who is just starting out their career, I look forward to continuing to grow with the CPRS and eventually give back to others.”

David Plug, Principal, Spark Plug Strategic Communications, says: “Volunteering for CPRS Vancouver is motivational and has given me the opportunity to connect with the experts leading the chapter and also encouraging other communication professionals in various sectors to join in and connect with us.”

Other Volunteers:

  • Jeff Meerman, Communications & Public Affairs Manager, TD Bank Group

  • Bassam Chahira, Communications & Public Relations Specialist

  • Deneka Michaud, Communications Manager, North Vancouver School District

  • Emma Shea, Principal, EJS Public Relations

  • Tanya Colledge, Community Initiatives and Social Media Coordinator, BC Transplant

  • Theodora Jean, MComm, Communincations Advisor, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Keep posted this week for more highlights on our incredible volunteers!