Wanted: Talented PR Professionals to Join the CPRS Vancouver Board of Directors

Do you want to be part of a dynamic, fun, smart and creative team? Do you aspire to “give back” to your profession? Are you looking for opportunities to expand your network locally and nationally? Want to increase your leadership skills and set yourself apart from your peers? If yes, will you consider joining CPRS Vancouver’s Board of Directors? C:\Users\eshea\Downloads\blefs8-wzhm-breather.jpg

Founded in 1959, CPRS Vancouver is a leading networking and professional development organization serving public relations and communications practitioners in British Columbia with a specific focus on Metro Vancouver. Our membership is diverse and ranges from senior practitioners and public relations executives to students and newcomers to the profession.

CPRS Vancouver is currently recruiting for the following Board of Directors positions:

  • Director, Operations

  • Director, Sponsorship

  • Director, Membership

  • Vice-President

Each of these positions are responsible for key service areas of the local society, and help deliver valuable programs to CPRS members. Below you will find information about each of the positions in more detail and requirements of a Board member.

We encourage you to consider stepping up and stepping in to help run the society. Perhaps there’s never been a more interesting time get involved in Public Relations/Communications in BC and in Canada, and contribute to the ongoing changes in our profession. We hope you’re up for the challenge!

To submit your interest, please send a copy of your resume and a letter that includes the following information to [email protected] by March 15, 2017:

  • Email Subject: Board of Directors application

  • Name

  • Current job (Organization, Position, Self-Employed, etc.)

  • Contact information

  • Which Board position(s) you are most interested in

  • Brief description of why you would be a good fit for that position, and for the Board

Selected candidates will be contacted for an in-person meeting and to discuss next steps.


Board Member Requirements:

  • Active CPRS Member (if you are not currently a member, you must be one to sit on the Board)

  • Commitment to sit on the Board of Directors for a 3-year term

  • Participate in monthly Board meetings

  • Contribute monthly reports of activity in your portfolio

Director Responsibility Descriptions:

Director, Operations

The Director of Operations oversees the CPRS bylaws, takes minutes at Board meetings and provides general administrative support to the executive (President, Vice President and Past President), as needed.

  • Works with the President to assemble monthly Board meeting materials (e.g. Board reporting template, draft agenda template)

  • Attends all Board meetings and records Board meeting minutes

  • Edits and distributes Board meeting minutes, including action items and reference materials

  • Updates, organizes, collects, catalogs and archives historical documents in the Board’s Google Drive (e.g. minutes, AGM reports, procedures, sponsorship contracts, etc.)

  • Identify areas for procedure development (e.g. promotion of Board reporting best practices)

  • Manages Board of Directors information (contact info, bios, headshots)

  • Coordinates assembly of the annual Report to Members in advance of the AGM

  • Assists with new Board member onboarding and orientation

Director, Sponsorship

The Director of Sponsorship is responsible for liaising with current and potential sponsors and developing mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Work with event Directors and the Communications Director to develop appropriate partnership and sponsorship proposals; ensure sponsors are recognized and commitments honored

  • Coordinates partnership opportunities and acts as the liaison between the society and the partner

  • Develop sponsorship confirmation letters and obtain sponsorship collateral (logos, etc.) to be presented at events, if required

  • Seek out cost savings for the society by way of financial support, in kind support, door prizes and discounted deals on venues

  • Seeks out value-adds for CPRS members such as discounted events, free registrations or giveaways

  • Finds like-minded organizations that share similar goals and values in order to cross-promote each other programs

Director, Membership

The Director of Membership is responsible for member recruitment and retention. They are often new members “first point of contact”.

  • Liaise with the CPRS National organization on a monthly basis to receive information regarding new and returning local members

  • Develop plans and programs to recognize the accomplishments of CPRS Vancouver members

  • Organize a volunteer committee and run a “membership month” campaign to recruit new or expired members

  • Keep track of membership milestones and alert the Board of Directors and the National organization to these milestones

  • Work with the Communications Director to promote our members through newsletter, blogs, social media

  • Frequent outreach to members (3 month, 6 month, 1 year) to check-in on satisfaction (by way of webinar, phone call, other)

  • Provide guidance on membership surveys, if required

  • Serve as a “go-to” for individuals seeking questions about their membership

Vice-President (one year term with possibility to move into President’s role)

The Vice-President (VP) sits on the Board executive committee comprised of the President, VP, Past President and Treasurer. Responsibilities include:

  • If the President is not available, the VP will act as Chair of Board meetings

  • If the President is not available, the VP shall act as interim President and provide executive decision-making on behalf of the CPRS Vancouver Board of Directors

  • If appointed by the President, the VP shall represent the society on any or all committees, councils or conferences established by the National society. Such representation shall include the right to vote on behalf of CPRS Vancouver on all matters being considered by the National society

  • Mentor and coach other Board members and provide timely counsel to questions raised

  • Work with the executive committee to develop an annual operating budget and support overall adherence to the budget

  • Support the President and Past President in Board member recruitment

  • Respond to inquiries of the society from the public and members; occasionally meet with members of the public looking for support and direction in the field of public relations

  • Work collaboratively with the President and learn required duties of President should the VP move into that role