2018 CPRS Vancouver Student Scholarship Winner

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Catherine Canil

Having the opportunity to meet and speak with countless PR professionals over the past year, was the key motivator for Catherine Canil, to apply for the CPRS Vancouver Student Scholarship.

As this year’s winner, Canil is happy for the scholarship opportunity and ready to dive into new career and personal challenges.

“Applying for this scholarship has helped me reflect on my experiences and understand the impact of my voice as a young practitioner,” said Canil. “At the moment, I am very interested in media relations, crisis management, corporate identity and brand storytelling.”

Great way to receive feedback by industry professionals

The CPRS Vancouver Student Scholarship is awarded each year to a student who submits excellent project work for a real-world client. Since January, Canil had been working as a marketing manager and program coordinator with Christianne’s Lyceum of Literature and Art. The Lyceum is a community based arts organization that works to create a more literate society among young people. Canil worked on the marketing and PR for Lyceums 2018 Spring Break camps where she experienced the challenges of running a social media campaign and to effectively gain media hits for her campaign as well as using email marketing to add an interest to existing networks.

“I utilized my public relations knowledge and applied PR skills and practices to grow, guide and manage the perception and information the public held about our camps,” she says.

In the end, Canil was successful with her campaign and knew that applying for the scholarship was a great way to showcase her work in the PR industry and have it reviewed by industry professionals.

“It was also a notable way to receive feedback on my efforts and learn more about PR principles and practices,” she says.

Moving forward

Having just finished her last semester at SFU, Canil is graduating with a Communications and Publishing degree from SFU this June. She is looking forward to graduating and is excited to begin her career in PR.

“I am extremely excited to dive deeper into the public relations field and continue exploring its many aspects,” she says, also adding that she wants to continue to expand her network and would like to work with a PR team that carries out work that is socially and environmentally conscious.

“I really admire the work that Yulu PR does here in Vancouver. Yulu’s work resonates with me because I believe in the importance of sharing stories that matter and supporting those who are conscious of their environmental and social impact. I could absolutely see myself working for a company like Yulu,” she says.

Canil plans on furthering her career in PR by taking the Public Relations Knowledge (PRK) exam in the fall, and she’s keen on keeping an open mind to all future learning opportunities.

She also plans on travelling within the next five years and build her network internationally.

Congratulations Catherine!

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