Giving back to our community: the CPRS board

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Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great summer and enjoying this gorgeous weather we’ve been having.

CPRS Vancouver takes a bit of a break over the summer, but we’re still working behind the scenes to get organized for 2018-19. I’ve been reflecting on my predecessor Emma Shea’s recent blog post about community and why we do what we do. Emma eloquently sums up how most of us on the board feel about being part of the CPRS community: a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Since Emma recruited me to join the CPRS Vancouver board in 2017, I’ve been discovering the joys of helping run our professional association. At our AGM in June, one of our long-term members thanked me for “taking my turn” at the helm—which felt great, and reminded me of something important. This whole system only works if we all pitch in and contribute to the smooth running of our association… if we each take our turn. And as PR pros, it’s a great opportunity to build leadership skills that translate directly into our work.

A defining feature of this group of people, who I’m lucky enough to call colleagues, is their willingness to lend a hand. Be it picking up extra ice for an event, brainstorming ideas for PD, or just reading over a media pitch, everyone is unselfish in sharing their time and expertise. I don’t ever feel overwhelmed or unsupported, because I know they’ve got my back.

So, in that spirit, we are currently looking for two special individuals to fill two vacant board positions:

Director of Sponsorship & Partnerships

The Director of Sponsorships and Partnerships is responsible for liaising with current and potential sponsors and developing mutually beneficial partnerships. Read more here. 


Director of Students & Education

The Director of Students and Education is responsible for supporting and nurturing the membership needs of CPRS Vancouver’s student members. Read more here.

Both role descriptions include an overview of the commitment you’ll make to your fellow board members and, perhaps more importantly, the commitment you’ll need to make to yourself. I’ll be honest: we’re looking for people who are willing to do the work. It’s more than just showing up to board meetings—there’s preparation and deliverables. But the payoff? Immeasurable.

If you think you’re the right person to fill either of these roles, or would like to discuss being a CPRS Board member, please email me and I’d be glad to chat.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and we’ll see you in the fall.

About the Author

Johanna Ward is the current President of CPRS Vancouver.