Meet Deneka Michaud, APR


With a husband, two young daughters and a diverse extended family, Deneka Michaud has a holistic worldview.

“I truly value the diversity of my family and how incredibly close we are,” Deneka says. “This diversity has enabled me to be a better public relations professional.”

While looking for another challenge to enhance her knowledge and skillset in public relations, she decided to pursue her APR accreditation.

“I believe that purposeful reflective actions are essential to enabling personal and professional growth,” Deneka says. “So often in public relations we are too busy to have the time to step back and fully analyze our work.”

The APR process enabled Deneka to take a deep dive into her practice and examine her areas of strength and where she felt growth was needed.

“I found the process to be much more than simply demonstrating what I knew,” she says. “I really felt that I was bettering my professional self.”

Deneka says she is most proud of her work that helps others, particularly when it assists children and their families, and employees to succeed. She values the opportunity to help others through difficult emotional situations by easing their burden, even a little bit. In terms of regrets, there are few. She appreciates the education that comes from mistakes and feels her crisis management skills have significantly improved as a result of incidents along the way that were ultimately great learning experiences.

“Always listen and learn,” Deneka says. “Take every piece of feedback, both positive and negative, as a way to grow. Appreciate other perspectives and emotions. Public Relations is a ‘people’ profession. It’s not black and white, and the only way to navigate your career is to be constantly listening, learning, and growing.”

She says that being a CPRS member has afforded her invaluable professional connections and she’s continually learning from her CPRS colleagues. And the best part about working in communications in Vancouver?

“The opportunities are endless and varied, and the people are amazing!”

About the Author

Vicki Brydon is the Director of Public Relations for Peace Arch Hospital Foundation in White Rock. She is a graduate of the Journalism program at Langara College and has spent nearly 20 years in PR, marketing and communications. When she’s not writing or planning elaborate fundraising galas, she’s criss-crossing the globe in search of adventure and the perfect croissant.