Meet Sara Goldvine, APR


Sara Goldvine, APR

After completing her Master of Communications Management degree in the fall of 2017, Sara Goldvine was keen to continue her learning journey.

“I thought, how better to do that than through my APR,” she says. “I am insatiably curious and the ways that people engage with information and each other are rapidly evolving; lifelong learning is essential in this field. It’s one of the reasons that I love working in strategic communications and PR!”

Sara is most proud of the mentorship and coaching she’s done in her career.

“When someone tells me I’ve helped make them a stronger communications professional, I know I’ve made a bigger impact than I ever could just on my own.”

Sara says she has no regrets because she strives to embrace the learning opportunities from the mistakes and stumbles she makes along the way. The way she sees it, creativity inherently comes with risk, and since creative approaches are the only way to really move the needle on the issues that matter, any high-performing person or team will inevitably make mistakes.

“What matters most is how you learn from those situations and move forward.”

When it comes to advice for someone beginning their communications/PR career, Sara’s best tip is to always ask “why?”

“Every time you approach a project or task, take the time to determine what the end goal is,” Sara says. “What is the behavioural change or business objective? What would success for the project or initiative look like? When you understand the ‘why’ you can deliver the tactics, tools, and messages that will move the needle with people you want to reach.”

Sara just moved back to BC after seven years in Toronto and the one thing she loves about working in Vancouver – other than the mountains and ocean – is how the city is both small enough that the communications profession here feels like a family, while also large enough that there is a great mix of ideas from different sectors, communities, and cultures.

No matter where she’s living and working, Sara has found her CPRS membership invaluable.

“CPRS has given me countless ways to learn from some of the best communications and PR professionals from a wide range of sectors.”

One last fun fact: when Sara married her partner, they merged their last names, with “gold” coming from his birth name and “vine” coming from hers to create Goldvine. Now that’s strategic communications at its best!