The CPRS Vancouver Mentorship Program gives practitioners a wonderful opportunity to benefit from the guidance of fellow experienced public relations professionals. Mentorship is available for all members, with opportunities for relationships based on experience, sector, specific skills, and APR designation. 


The CPRS Vancouver mentorship program creates mutually beneficial relationships amongst members whereby members exchange knowledge about the profession and, ultimately, aid one another in enhancing their careers.


CPRS Vancouver chapter members have an opportunity to apply to be mentors and mentees, and will then be paired for a formal four-month program. There are four types of formal mentorship that mentors and mentees can apply for:

  • Novice/student and experienced member

  • A specific sector (e.g., government, hospitality, etc.)

  • Knowledge or special skills (e.g., public engagement, social media planning, etc.)

  • Accreditation support for obtaining an APR designation

The formal program requires:

  • Commit to the full four months of the mentoring relationship

  • Attend the kick-off event and end event

  • Meet at least three times throughout the program; at least one meeting must be in person; suggestion is one meeting a month

  • Report back to CPRS about the mentoring experience; once during the three-month program and once at the end

  • Be punctual and prepared for each meeting

  • Give advanced notice if a meeting must be postponed


Mentors and mentees will be matched based on a number of factors, including experience, shared career interests (industry type, organization type, job functions) and location. 


  • October 10, 2017 – Registration opens
  • November 3, 2017 – Application deadline
  • November 2017 (exact date, TBA) – Kick-off event (information and networking social)
  • November, 2017 – formal program mentor/mentee pairings finalized and communicated to participants
  • Jan-April, 2018 – Formal one-on-one mentorship program, participants must meet at least three times
  • June 2018 – event
  • June 2018 - participant feedback survey


Please contact Deneka Michaud,, with any comments or questions about the CPRS Vancouver Mentorship Program.