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The Vancouver chapter of the Canadian Public Relations Society could not function without the generosity of a dedicated group of volunteers, many of whom give their free time on a regular basis. The society aims to make the best use of its volunteers and provide valuable new volunteer opportunities to CPRS members.

Whether you’re a communications student, between jobs, or new to town, volunteering through CPRS is a great way to boost your résumé, expand your scope of practice or break into a new industry.

CPRS Vancouver is committed to demonstrating the integrity of the public relations industry and the willingness of its members to give back to the local community. The society is open to requests from charitable organizations looking for volunteer support with public relations projects.

If you're interested in volunteering or finding a volunteer, please email your resume and related experience to CPRS.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

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 Director of Professional Development

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Are you looking for volunteers?

The Canadian Public Relations Society of Vancouver keeps a database of communications and public relations professionals who have expressed an interest in volunteering their expertise for charitable organizations in the Lower Mainland.

If you're a charity looking for volunteers to help you with a clearly defined public relations project, please contact CPRS with the following information:

  • A brief outline of the public relations project or event for which you are seeking help
  • The number of volunteers you require
  • An estimate of the time commitment involved.

CPRS members who are interested in volunteering will contact you directly.

 Want to volunteer?

Volunteer your time and expertise for CPRS or a charitable organization and you will get opportunities to diversify your résumé and build your experience. In addition, volunteering through CPRS demonstrates that you care about your community and the future of your profession.

There are opportunities to volunteer for CPRS itself (events, publications, social media projects, etc.) as well as charitable organizations in the Lower Mainland. Recently we’ve worked with some great organizations including the United Way of the Lower Mainland, the Yaletown Business Improvement Association, the Music BC Charitable Foundation and the Canadian Red Cross.

If you’re a CPRS member and you want to volunteer, check out our list of opportunities (see below) or contact CPRS.