Excellence deserves recognition, and in Vancouver, we know there’s plenty of talent. CPRS Vancouver is pleased to announce the launch of our annual PRestige Awards program, to recognize excellence in the communications and public relations industry in Vancouver. Put a spotlight on your hard work by entering this year’s PRestige Awards program, and join in as we celebrate some of the best of Vancouver’s communications and public relations work at the 2021 CPRS Vancouver AGM.

We’re all working harder than ever before to reach audiences with messages critical to the organizations and agencies we work for and serve. These awards recognize outstanding work in the practice of public relations and communications, as judged by some of the industry’s most accomplished communicators. A PRestige Award is synonymous with talented insight and skillful execution, helping to raise the winner’s profile and generate new business opportunities.

The winners of the 2021 PRestige Awards will be presented later this year. Whether you’ve prepared a submission for a National award and want to double-up on your efforts, or looking for an opportunity to shine locally, this is your chance!