Mentors and mentees - a connection that works

CPRS Vancouver’s Mentorship Program gives PR practitioners a wonderful opportunity to benefit from the guidance of fellow experienced public relations professionals. Mentorship is available for all members, with opportunities for mentorships based on experience, sector, specific skills, and APR designation.

Program Overview

CPRS Vancouver members have an opportunity to apply to be mentors and mentees, and will then be paired for a formal four-month program. There are four types of formal mentorship that mentors and mentees can apply for:

  1. Novice / student and experienced member
  2. A specific sector (e.g. government, hospitality, etc.)
  3. Knowledge or special skills (e.g. public engagement, social media planning, etc.)
  4. Accreditation support for obtaining an APR designation

The formal program requires that mentors and mentees:

  • Commit to the full four months of the mentoring relationship
  • Attend the kick-off event and end event
  • Meet at least three times throughout the program; at least one meeting must be in person
  • Report back to CPRS about the mentoring experience
  • Be punctual and prepared for each meeting
  • Give advanced notice if a meeting must be postponed


Email Marsha D'Angelo, Director of Mentorship

Matching Mentors and Mentees

Mentors and mentees will be matched based on a number of factors, including experience, shared career interests (industry type, organization type, job functions) and location.

2020/21 Applications

Registration is closed for the 2019/20 mentorship cycle. We'll open next season in November 2020.
General timeline:

  • Early November 2020 - Registration opens
  • Late November 2020 - Application deadline
  • December 2020 - Formal program mentor/mentee pairings finalized and communicated to participants
  • December 2020 or January 2021 - Kick-off event (information and networking social)
  • January to April 2021 - Formal one-on-one mentorship program, participants must meet at least three times
  • June 2021 - Wrap-up event and Participant feedback survey


For Mentees

A. This will depend on how many participants we recruit for the program. It is anticipated there will be a higher demand for mentors so it will limit how many people can be paired. We will make every effort to accommodate as many participants as possible. 
A. We will pair candidates based on the type of coaching that is needed. We’ll be screening both mentees and mentors to make the best people possible matches. 
A. This program is free for CPRS Vancouver members. 
A. You are welcome to apply, but you will first need to become a CPRS Vancouver member to be considered as either a mentee or mentor. You can sign up to become a member here
A. Your initial meeting with your mentor should be face-to-face and designed to set the objectives and outcomes for you and your mentor. After that, how you connect is your choice. 
A. It is expected that each person pay his or her own way. In other words, go Dutch! 
A. Try your best, since this is about sharing skills more than becoming friends. You are both professionals and have an interest in being in this relationship, so chances are things will go well. But if it is really not working out then e-mail CPRS Vancouver and we will try to help. 

For Mentors

  • Mentoring keeps you current: your mentee can provide insight into current education tools, trends and skills. Mentoring also allows you to exercise your own skills by applying your knowledge to assisting other professionals. 

  • Mentoring allows you to give back: as a mentor, you can help shape the next generation of communications professionals and further the industry by setting standards for tomorrow’s practitioners. 

  • Mentoring earns you APR Points: Accredited APR members earn one point/maintenance credit per year (as a professional activity). 

  • Mentoring helps you recruit talent: being a mentor helps you tap into the hidden job market by giving you access to a pool of serious and committed PR professionals. 


  • “It’s too time-consuming.” You are a busy professional and your time is precious, that’s why mentoring only requires a couple of hours of scheduled communication throughout the four-month program. 

  • “I’ll be barraged with calls and e-mails.” Mentees are aware that the program only requires three meetings, unless otherwise agreed upon. 

  • “I don’t have time for face-to-face meetings.” Your time is valuable which is why the program only requires one face-to-face meeting and two other meetings, which do not need to be face-to-face. 

A. Mentors must be professional members of CPRS (national, affiliate or lifetime). 

Contact CPRS Vancouver

Please contact CPRS Vancouver with any comments or questions about the CPRS Vancouver Mentorship Program.


"I am new in Vancouver and the CPRS Mentorship has been an invaluable resource that helped me gain skills and confidence needed to grow in my job and the PR industry. My mentor was a great match. She was caring, organized and great at providing guidance in fields I needed to improve to go one step further in my career, such as press release writing, public speaking and building relationships with journalists. I am still in contact with my mentor and I know I can count on her whenever I need help or advice. I definitely recommend the mentorship program to all new PR practitioners."

- Klaudia

"I’ve always wanted a mentor, but didn’t know how to go about finding one. The CPRS Mentorship Program made it easy to find a mentor in my field who was really interested in guiding me. The mentor I was paired with was awesome – he had great insight and helped me gain confidence in my abilities and instincts. It also helps to share thoughts with someone outside your organization who has a fresh perspective. Though the official course of the program is over, we are still in touch and I am grateful to have this continued guidance. I would highly recommend the CPRS Mentorship program to any budding PR practitioner!"

- Justine