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Membership Type Dues
Practitioner $365
Associate $365
Emerging Professional (Affiliate) $192.50
Student $79

Be sure to review the Ways to Save on the CPRS Dues page.

CPRS Membership Types*

Based on level of experience, prospective members can apply to join CPRS in one of the following categories:

  • Practitioner – Works full time in public relations or communications management.
  • Associate – Devotes most of his/her workload to tasks unrelated to practicing or teaching public relations.
  • Emerging Professional – Has been working full time in public relations for less than two years.
  • Student – Enrolled full or part time in a recognized Canadian post-secondary public relations or communications program. Must not be employed in public relations or communications in a paid capacity.
  • Retired – After retiring from full-time employment, those with more than 10 years of full CPRS membership, who have spent no less than 5 years as Voting members, are invited to apply for this category.

*According to CPRS Vancouver bylaws:

  • Voting Members are Full Members of the National Society, Affiliate Members and Life Members
  • Non-Voting Members are Retired Members, Inactive Members, Student Members and Associate Members

Please note that some of the terms used to describe CPRS National membership categories differ from definitions provided in the CPRS Vancouver bylaws. For voting purposes:

  • Practitioner = Full member
  • Emerging Professional = Affiliate