Leading edge professional development opportunities

Professional Development Opportunities

CPRS offers an array of professional development resources for those new to the PR profession through to those leading the PR industry. CPRS Vancouver is there to support you.

Wanting to become a PR professional

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, or are looking to jump-start a new one, continuing your education is a huge step in the right direction. Check out the Public Relations Programs available across Canada and specifically in the Lower Mainland.

New Practitioners: PRK Exam

One notable benefit for those new to the PR industry is the opportunity to write the Public Relations Knowledge (PRK)® exam. This intensive exam was created by the CPRS National Council on Education to test the overall grasp of concepts and procedures most commonly used in the day-to-day life of junior PR and communication professionals. Contact CPRS Vancouver to learn more about the PRK Exam and how we can support you.

Mid-level Practitioners: Accreditation

Accreditation is a voluntary certification program for public relations professionals that is administered by the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) and that identifies practitioners who have depth of experience and competence in the professional practice of public relations.

The Accredited in Public Relations (APR)® designation involves a rigorous evaluation of the skills and competencies needed to practice public relations at a senior executive level and establishes standards for professional practice. It measures experience and strategic thinking, not specific academic knowledge; however, it is necessary to have a foundation of knowledge of public relations theory and policy issues to achieve accreditation.

You can learn more about the APR® designation as well as information on how to apply on the CPRS National website.

Greater Vancouver APRs

CPRS Vancouver has two Directors of Accreditation dedicated to supporting APR applicants, for example, through organising study groups. For more information on the Vancouver APRs and our local support for the program, contact CPRS Vancouver

You an also view a list of Vancouver APRs.

Testimonials from Vancouver APRs

Emma Shea, APR | Principal, EJS Public Relations Inc.

Emma Shea"What an honour to join such a long list of diverse and well respected communicators! Receiving your APR is like a “rite of passage” for the public relations professional, and the process challenged me to critically think about my profession and career, drawing to my attention skills that needed further refinement and development. I walked away having a much greater appreciation and understanding for the complexity of work that my colleagues and I undertake – it made me feel proud of our work and our association.  Attaining my APR has been a career highlight and confidence booster, and I would definitely recommend the APR designation as a worthwhile professional development program.”

Rashpal Rai, APR | Manager, Communications Planning, ICBC

Rashpal Rai"Obtaining my APR seemed to be next natural step in my continued development as a senior communications practitioner. This designation signifies the higher standards of professionalism and accountability that is placed on the public relations profession by the CPRS, my peers and the profession, both nationally and globally. It tells clients and employers that you have been recognized by your profession as having the skillset, expertise and knowledge to help the organization achieve is business goals and objectives, and ensure they respect the social license of the community they serve. I highly recommend members pursue their accreditation in their path to ongoing professional development."

Johanna Ward, MA, APR | Communications Specialist, BC College of Nursing Professionals

Johanna Ward“I really had no idea how pursuing my APR would remind me of why I got into PR in the first place. The yearlong process was incredibly intense – long nights of studying, keeping up on current events, strategic planning – it’s a lot. But boy was it worth it. When I finished, I realized I’d been re-grounded in the fundamentals of our profession. I was reminded of the value of research and metrics, how good communications adds value to an organization, and the importance of having Communications sitting in the C-Suite. And the warm reception from the APR community has been amazing. I feel part of a group of high-performing professionals who form a network I can call on for advice or support. I’m honoured to be a part of it.”

Sara Goldvine, MCM, APR | Vice President Communications, BC Housing

Sara Goldvine“I believe there are few roles today as critical as communications and public relations professionals. At a time when economies run on ideas and societies are grappling with unprecedented change, it has never been more important to connect people across experiences, stories, and backgrounds. Given the vital importance of this relationship-building work, as professionals we must raise the bar — and one of the most important ways we can do this is through accreditation.”

Caeli (Turner) Murray, APR | Director of Communications & Stakeholder Relations, Provincial Health Services Authority

Caeli (Turner) MurrayIt wasn’t easy, but it was definitely worth it. The sense of pride and accomplishment I felt after achieving my APR and joining a national community of well-respected, accredited communications professionals was overwhelming – in a good way! The three letters mark more than just the hard work it took to get them; they signal to my networks, my colleagues and my community that I’m well-versed in ethics, theory and best practices as a skilled and strategic communicator. As I studied throughout the program, I saw what I was learning start to shine through in my day-to-day work. I’m grateful for the support I received through our local chapter in staying on track and connecting me with like-minded peers who were my study buddies throughout the year. If you’re considering your APR, I encourage you to take the leap. You won’t regret it.