2021 CPRS Vancouver PRestige Awards

Who Can Enter?

All CPRS Vancouver members and associates, as well non-members in the Greater Vancouver and surrounding area, are eligible for the PRestige Awards. Each campaign or project submitted must be planned, produced and completed within a period of two years prior to the entry deadline. The entrant must have executed or directly managed the project submitted.
In the inaugural year, one prize will be awarded in each of the three categories.


ENTRY DEADLINE: 11:59 p.m. PST on May 21, 2021
EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: 11:59 p.m. PST on April 23, 2021

Entry Fees

CPRS Members: $175 + tax
Non-members: $225 + tax
Student Members: $75 + tax
Student non-members: $95 + tax

CPRS Members: $195 + tax
Non-Members: $295 + tax
Student Members: $100+ tax
Student non-members: $150+ tax


Entry Categories

For the inaugural year, one top prize will be awarded in each category. Any project, including regular communications or those focussed on COVID-19, may be submitted for consideration. The three initial categories are:
Best Digital Communications Campaign
Recognizes exemplary digital campaigns that successfully engage with target audiences to create engaged communities, launch/raise awareness of products, or manage issues and/or crisis.
Best Issues/Crisis Communications
Communications programs submitted to this category should demonstrate proactive planning and effective strategies to predict and manage trends and issues, and mitigate the harmful impact of emergency situations on an organization’s ongoing operation. This award recognizes effective crisis and/or issues management work through the use of strategic public relations.
Best Employee Engagement or Internal Communications Campaign
This category celebrates programs focused on internal audiences. The winner will have improved relationships between employees and management or its clients, by providing a better understanding of the organization’s strategic plan and/or the importance of their role within the organization. Projects may also be focused on human resources-related objectives or benefit communications.

How to Submit Your Application

All entries and supporting materials must be submitted digitally online in PDF format.
  • Each submission must have been planned, produced, and completed within a period of two years prior to the entry deadline.  A project may have been started prior to the previous two years; however, the evaluation/completion of the project must have been within the last two years.
  • A communication project or program may be entered in a maximum of three categories.
  • Cover Page should include the name of the organization/client, name of the agency (if any), campaign title and award category.
  • Three-Page Summary: A summary no longer than three pages must be uploaded with the cover page as a PDF.  Using the R-A-C-E formula as your outline, the summary must include a brief description of the following areas: research; analysis, planning and, strategy; communication, execution and production; and evaluation and measurement. This document is the most important component of the submission, and is the only document or material that judges use to grade the submissions. The summary should be typed using no smaller than a 10-point typeface and one-inch margins.
  • Review 10 tips on how to submit an award-winning submission
  • Supporting Materials: Entrants will be instructed to upload one PDF file (no more than 150 pages each with a maximum size of 5 MG) of any detailed supporting materials referenced in the research; analysis, planning and, strategy; communication, execution and production; and evaluation and measurement sections of your three-page summary. These materials may help demonstrate or portray some verbiage in the summary document, but judges may not refer to it.
  • By entering the PRestige Awards, all submitters confirm that their programs and projects meet any standards set out in the CPRS Code of Professional Standards.  All entries become the property of CPRS Vancouver. The decision of the judges are final.
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Judging Criteria

Evaluations are based on various criteria, including research and analysis, planning and implementation, results and evaluation, as well as the overall quality of the entry. The quality of the applicant’s writing and ability to show outcomes and include the elements of a strong communications plan will also be factors under consideration. For tips on what judges will be looking for, review our 10 tips for submitting an award-winning submission.