5 Expert Tips on Cross-Pollinating Your Brand Into Other Marketing Assets

In nature, cross-pollination happens when one plant begins to pollinate with another variety of plant. Genetics mix and merge, leading to a seed produced with characteristics gathered from both plants. As a result, a new breed can grow. 

In marketing and communications, cross-pollination works the very same way. When done well, your brand can enjoy a good mix of fresh ideas, allowing you to challenge patterns and build strong campaigns that generate buzz, excitement, and ultimately, success. 

Cross Pollinate Your Brand Brainstorm

The question now stands—how do you effectively ensure that your cross-pollinating marketing ideas come to fruition? Fret not—we’ve tapped various experts and curated this simple guide for you. 

Here are five expert tips to ensure your brand stands out in your various marketing and communication channels:

Embrace creativity and boldness in brainstorming

Embracing innovation is the best way to stay on top of your competition. It’s best to think big and bold—think of app or website ideas, how to attract customers into browsing your site, and how to ensure that people will talk about your brand. Thinking outside of the box and integrating the online and offline worlds are some of the most effective ways to guarantee that your business is future-proofed. 

Reward your employees 

Everyone is driven by something, and your business will do well to invest in incentives. Friendly competition will be enough to drive your employees to become their best selves. Make sure to invest in extrinsic motivation by offering extra employee perks, such as a weekend getaway for cash prizes. Research shows that incentivizing your employees not only decreases turnover, but also increases overall company productivity and profitability. With a reward scheme in mind, you’ll be able to push your employees into working with other departments—who knows what the SEO and social media teams can do together?

Employee Rewarded From Cross Pollination

Create blog posts that last 

While investing in your employees can greatly improve your chances of creating campaigns that deliver, make sure to never forget about your customer experience! Keep your website active by sprinkling your website with blogs, especially ones that can keep them engaged and motivated. This is particularly useful when you’re currently implementing a campaign. If it exists on your social media pages, it should exist on your website as well!

Amp up your social media efforts 

Social media platforms are some of the most-used features of the internet, and with millions upon millions of users, keeping your brand active on social media is one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience. 

Likes, comments, and shares can do wonders for your brand, and you can utilize these features for promotional materials and as some ways to encourage your audience to talk about your brand. It’s also important to ensure that you’re not only pushing out content, but finding opportunities to engage in two-way dialogue. With a great social media strategy in mind, you can ensure that people see and talk about your content.

Make your campaigns mobile-friendly 

Most people are driven by their mobile devices, and they now essentially serve as necessary parts of our routines. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that your marketing efforts are in mobile-friendly territories, as anything less will cause your engagement rates to drop. Investing in mobile applications can also be good for your employees, allowing easy access no matter where they are in the world. Current projections estimate that the mobile workforce worldwide will exceed 1.87 billion workers by the end of 2021! 

Mobile Friendly Marketing Campaign

Investing in your future through cross-pollination 

By investing in cross-pollination, you hit not just two, but multiple birds with one stone! You’ll never run out of fresh ideas and innovative concepts, allowing your organization to run forward as an industry leader. At the same time, you ensure that your customers are always engaged, taken care of, and of course, fed with all the best experiences. Mixed together, your brand will always remain successful.

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