The power of connection: A message from CPRS Vancouver’s president, Carolyn Rohaly

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2024, I want to send wonderful wishes your way and share a few thoughts on what's ahead for public relations practitioners in Vancouver. One thing that is already standing out is the power of connection. 

I recently read the Citizen Connections Report, which identifies what communicators can do to strengthen the crisis of social connection that emerged over the last few years. The report says, “Almost universally, people desire more connection - but they're held back. And this gap is what we call ‘The Connection Deficit’.” As communications professionals, we've got the tools to close that gap by:

  • changing the online conversation;

  • helping people disagree better;

  • finding ties that bring people together - and celebrate them; and

  • allowing purpose to drive change.

Our words, campaigns, and stories are the glue that holds communities tight. So, let's shake things up this year. Break out of the usual mold, get creative, and use our PR skills to bring folks closer. Whether it's a stellar campaign or just sparking some honest conversations, let's be the ones who amp up the connection game.

At CPRS Vancouver, we plan to strengthen our professional bonds with more in-person events. We’ll also continue to keep our members connected through our social media channels and newsletters. I welcome you to complete our upcoming survey or connect with your Board of Directors via email so we can serve you better. I also encourage you to give back your profession. Here's how you can strengthen your connection with CPRS Vancouver.

Let's show everyone how CPRS Vancouver members flaunt the power of public relations. Cheers to 2024: a year of creative campaigns, open dialogue, and bringing people closer.