Looking for a job? Top 3 Tips for Improving your LinkedIn Profile

CPRS Vancouver hosted an insightful panel discussion on January 24 featuring Sarah Lando, brand strategist for Manoeuvre, and Maggie MacLean, talent acquisition manager at BC Pavilion Corporation. 

Sarah and Maggie shared many tips for job seekers looking to increase engagement and land their next job opportunity by leveraging their LinkedIn profiles. After all, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform, with 875 million users across 200 countries.

Tip #1: Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes

One of the key steps to boost your LinkedIn visibility is using the right keywords in your profile, including your job title. Use a job title that is descriptive and makes you searchable for recruiters. 

According to Maggie, one of her top tips for recruiters looking for the right talent on the platform is to search professionals by their titles. 

Tip #2: Use the right geographical location

One of Sarah’s tips for job seekers is to ensure your location, tagged on your LinkedIn profile, is not holding you back when recruiters are looking for talent in your area. 

For those living in the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA), Sarah suggests you pick the GVA as your location instead of specific areas such as Coquitlam, New Westminster, North Vancouver, etc. This ensures that your profile comes up when recruiters are looking for talent in the GVA.

Follow these simple steps to maximize your chances of being found by recruiters:
•    Go to your profile by clicking the Me icon in your toolbar
•    Click the pencil to the right of your profile photo
•    Select your country from the drop-down menu
•    Select either a region or city that is provided from the Locations, e.g., GVA
•    Click Save

Tip #3: Be active on LinkedIn

Post regularly, at least once a week, according to Maggie, so you stay visible within your professional network and industry.

You can post original content, reshare articles you like along with a comment, and any content that reflects your interests and area of expertise. 

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