Board of Directors Profile: Ange Frymire Fleming APR, FCPRS, MBA

A Q&A with Ange Frymire Fleming APR, FCPRS, MBA!...more

CPRS Board Member Profile: John Kageorge

CPRS board member John Kageorge has been involved with the organization for over 15 years, including as President of the Vancouver chapter. From non-profit to agency – John currently leads his own consultancy, Vital Communications – his 25+ year career has included managing communications for royalty, the Prime Minister, and the Dalai Lama....more

The 2016-2017 Annual Report to Members

The CPRS Vancouver Report to Members (RTM) highlights our commitment to serving public relations and communications practitioners in BC, from senior practitioners and PR execs to students and newcomers to the profession.The RTM is how we celebrate and share our accomplishments from the past year. It's also an opportunity to address our aspirations and plans for the coming year. This report includes financial statements, messages from our President & board members, and membership recognition....more

Message from the President

This term's President addresses CPRS Vancouver members in this message that outlines exciting new opportunities in the upcoming year....more

CPRS Essentials Board Member Update

As the Director of Accreditation and Mentorship for CPRS Vancouver, I have a busy year ahead of me for a good reason. The accredited in public relations (APR) designation is one of the most prominent benefits provided by CPRS to its members and my job is to support those looking to achieve this important milestone. The APR Chair is responsible for a number of tasks throughout the year including ...more