No Good Deed: My boss just asked me to find his son an internship at the PR agency we use

No Good Deed is a column devoted to the discussion of ethical challenges we may face in our profession. Each issue we’ll feature a member’s dilemma and ask three PR experts to comment on it. Today’s dilemma: My boss just asked me to find his son an internship at the PR agency we use....more

PR firms must shoulder daily-media burden: insider [Repost]

Vancouver public relations veteran Laura Ballance is not welcoming the downturn in the daily media industry. A repost of Business In Vancouver's story....more

Effectively Using Earned Media in Today's Digital Space

Today when we talk about earned media, it no longer only entails the traditional media relations that is gaining coverage on broadcast and print media. The new ‘fad’ in PR today still has everything to do with telling compelling stories, but in ways that encourage the organic sharing and conversation about your content by third parties....more

New hire at Jive

Andrea Wilson has joined Jive Communications as an Account Coordinator. Prior to joining Jive Communications, Andrea worked at Starlight Children’s Foundation and Laura Ballance Media Group. When talking about her new role, Andrea says: "I am excited to have the opportunity to work with such a creative and energetic team. Jive's commitment to their clients and enthusiasm for PR is very inspiring...more

A second chance for lululemon

It seems lululemon just can’t put this sheer pants controversy behind them. The challenge First a bad-batch of pants was sold, and then women were asked to bend over in a store to prove the pants were too sheer. Now, Chip Wilson, founder of the Vancouver-based company has told women it may be their body, not the pants, which are to blame.Brand perception is a huge component of the fashion indust...more