What does the Fyre Festival mean for Influencer Marketing

With social media constantly changing and pushing the boundaries for how we market products, events and businesses, influencer marketing has started becoming a large avenue for PR. This can be done in a positive way that connects with audiences, but it hasn’t been done without some bumps down the road....more

Flowery Language: How PR Professionals are Changing the Conversation around Cannabis

From long-time cannabis connoisseurs to anti-weed warriors and all those in between, everyone is talking about legalization. The historic events of October 17 have not only given way to an explosion of conversation regarding the topics of culture, appropriate usage, and economics, but also a surprisingly controversial topic: the language of legalization....more

The 2016-2017 Annual Report to Members

The CPRS Vancouver Report to Members (RTM) highlights our commitment to serving public relations and communications practitioners in BC, from senior practitioners and PR execs to students and newcomers to the profession.The RTM is how we celebrate and share our accomplishments from the past year. It's also an opportunity to address our aspirations and plans for the coming year. This report includes financial statements, messages from our President & board members, and membership recognition....more

No Good Deed: My boss just asked me to find his son an internship at the PR agency we use

No Good Deed is a column devoted to the discussion of ethical challenges we may face in our profession. Each issue we’ll feature a member’s dilemma and ask three PR experts to comment on it. Today’s dilemma: My boss just asked me to find his son an internship at the PR agency we use....more

PR firms must shoulder daily-media burden: insider [Repost]

Vancouver public relations veteran Laura Ballance is not welcoming the downturn in the daily media industry. A repost of Business In Vancouver's story....more