CPRS Vancouver – Membership Benefits

Whatever your career goals for 2020 (and beyond) may be, CPRS Vancouver can be valuable in helping you achieve them....more

Recruitment Drive Results: Everyone gets free food!

Congratulations to every CPRS Vancouver member. Great practitioners are flocking to our society like never before. CPRS Vancouver grew 5% during our March membership drive. Nearly every new member was referred by a current member....more

Wide Horizons: the 3 Things I wish I’d known about CPRS (when I first joined)

In the three years since I joined the society, CPRS has unexpectedly touched both my professional and personal life. As a new practitioner, I was awarded CPRS Vancouver’s 2016 Student Scholarship, and have met many new friends and mentors. As the fortunate draw prize winner of a couple’s getaway, I even relived my scandalous(ish) elopement in Victoria with my husband, who is also a PR pro. My heartfelt thanks once again to Harbour Air and John KaGeorge for an unforgettable weekend....more

We All Grow Together - Bonuses for Everyone During March

We go through hoops to get to networking events, study relentlessly to earn accreditation, and squeal when we’re recognized with an award. Oh, the CPRS Life!...more

A Community-lived Life

On June 14, 2018, CPRS Vancouver celebrated another year at its Summer Social and Annual General Meeting. It has been my honor to serve as President of this Chapter for the last 2 years, and to sit on the local Board of Directors for the past 5 years....more