No Good Deed: Can ethics be compartmentalized?

No Good Deed is a column devoted to the discussion of ethical challenges we may face in our profession. Each issue we’ll feature a member’s dilemma and ask three PR experts to comment on it. We’d love to hear from you, too, so please weigh in on the various “what would you do if…” problems your colleagues are confronted with....more

How Mark Zuckerberg’s Handling of The Cambridge Analytica Scandal May Actually Be Good For Facebook

In mid-March, when allegations surfaced that Facebook had facilitated the unethical mining and distribution of up to 87 million users’ data, many saw it as a hovering second foot in the grave of the social network. While platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube continue to mature and evolve, Facebook had seemingly become.......more

5 Reasons your organization should have a blog

In today’s communications landscape there is a seemingly endless array of tactics to choose from — but not every option is worth the investment. Whether something is right for you depends entirely on your goals, financial resources and the time you’re able to commit to getting it right....more

2018 National Volunteer Week: Thanks, CPRS Vancouver Volunteers!

It’s 2018 National Volunteer Week and that means CPRS Vancouver wants to take this time to celebrate and say thanks to its many volunteers that spend countless hours helping to make our society tick all year round....more

PR Win of The Week: ASOS

For the average retailer, printing 17,000 bags with a typo on them is the stuff of nightmares. But UK fast fashion retailer ASOS recently did just that, and spun the mistake in such a way that they proved themselves anything but average....more