No Good Deed: PR Takes On the Battle for Free Speech

No Good Deed is a column devoted to the discussion of ethical challenges we may face in our profession. Each issue we’ll feature a member’s dilemma and ask three PR experts to comment on it. We’d love to hear from you, too, so please weigh in on the various “what would you do if…” problems your colleagues are confronted with....more


As Communications Manager at Tourism Richmond, Lesley Chang is an expert at showcasing the best that the Lower Mainland has to offer. She also currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Vancouver chapter of the Canadian Public Relations Society. Drawing on her experience in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, Leslie speaks to CPRS about her greatest accomplishments, her regrets, and how to get cheeky when applying for a job....more

Tips from the Trenches: Making the best of a PR education (Part Two)

Part one of this series shared some tips on what to keep in mind when choosing the right public relations education for you. With the start of term upon us, this installment suggests six best practices for maximising your investment into your public relations education....more

Communications Frameworks for Traveling with your One-Year-Old

Despite being a sensible communications professional by day, this summer I decided to take my one-year-old on a nine-hour flight to Europe. Rather than just relay a chilling account of our family’s harrowing experience, I’d like to impart the communications lessons that emerged. This will help you understand and strategically plan your communications... or your own travels with a baby....more

Tips from the Trenches: Making the best of a PR education

As a fairly recent graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Public Relations Certificate Program, I am occasionally asked to speak to prospective students who are looking to connect with a graduate -- and ideally, someone still working in the field....more